Laena & Pervaiz

Laena and Pervaiz got married in an intimate NY City garden surrounded by their closest friends and family, many of whom are my colleagues and some of NY’s top photographers. To say the pressure was on, it’s definitely an understatement._dsc1121_dsc9220 _dsc9248 _dsc9446 _dsc9007 _dsc9709 _dsc9038 _dsc9800 _dsc9024 _dsc8814 _dsc8700 _dsc0152 _dsc0189 _dsc0241 _dsc0429 _dsc0452 _dsc0081 _dsc0742 _dsc1304 _dsc0785 _dsc1170 _dsc1211 _dsc1055_dsc9436 dsc_3023 _dsc1348dsc_3610 dsc_4801 dsc_4389 dsc_4108 dsc_4591

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