Andrea & Diego

So many things I have to say about this wedding that I really think I could end up writing my first book. This was my best friend’s other best friend’s wedding, that’s right, Andrea and I share a common best friend, but because of distance we never had the opportunity to really get to know each other. I have to admit I’m a tiny bit on the jealous side, ok, and maybe not very good at sharing, specially when the “other” best friend is known for her beauty, intelligence, strength and other million good qualities making it really hard to compete.

Three years ago Andrea and Diego left the comfort of their jobs and lives in Colombia and moved to Australia to start a new journey. The two of them have a go big or go home attitude, and their wedding was no exception. They came back to Colombia to celebrate their love with friends and family and proved that Colombians can party like there’s no tomorrow. The celebration started the night before with a mariachi serenade from the groom to the bride, and even though I can’t confirm anything, I’m pretty sure some people just went straight to the church the next day.  They got me a bit drunk on the ride from the church to the venue, I guess they were trying to prepare me for what was going to be more than an eight hour party featuring live acts of salsa, vallenato, reggaeton and tango dancing, though I honestly think they could have saved some money on entertainment, the groom was the life of the party the entire day. Diego has the kind of personality that makes you laugh just by looking at him. I truly believe Andrea’s smile is permanent because of him.

I hope my pictures of your day do some justice to the love that you two share. I have never seen a bride laugh so hard for an entire day. Andrea, I hope my pictures show how beautiful you are not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Thank you for  putting your trust in me, I think I can say with confidence that you are no longer “the other friend” but that you now are my friend as well.

Cheers to you both!



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Thank you Harvey Combariza for assisting me as a second shooter.

Wedding planning: Algo Azul, Santiago Santos

Venue: Jardín Botánico Medellín

Make up: Maria Camilla Villegas

Catering: In Situ Restaurant

Music: David Angel and Diego Cediel

Decorations :Carolina Chica

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